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Did you know that almost anyone can be a paid writer?  It's true. Hi. My name is Fran Briggs.  I am  passionate  about teaching the systems and secrets for earning  incredible amounts  of money  by writing.  So this is what  I'm  doing.  I am offering an  amazing  e-Course  for  anyone  who wants  to  earn  an excellent  income,  or  just write for fun.  Be a Paid Writer  is  an  invaluable  course.   It's  loaded  with  information  about publishing,  promotion,  and publicity  --  everything  you  need to know about  being  a  paid  writer.   Perhaps  you  weren't  aware  that this is

a niche market.  The  industry is always looking  for new  and  talented  writers.  In   the   Be  a  Paid  Writer  e-Course, I teach the simple systems and insider's secrets which can earn you tens of thousands of dollars or more in paid writing fees. 

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Course Description:
This  7  day  e-Course is helping  aspiring  and  established  writers alike expand their online and offline writing presence. It can help  you as well! I am not only the  course's  facilitator,  but an  i
nternationally acclaimed professional  writer,  author, publisher,  and publicist ("Google" me). This class  is  easy  to understand.  It  was  created  to help you market and promote your  writing  successfully.  Each lesson  contains fundamentals for writing that sells.

Here's  how  it  works.  The   Be  a  Paid  Writer   e-Course  consists of

seven, powerful,  sessions  delivered  3  days apart.  No fluff,  no  theory,  no hype!  Just practical, applicable information to learn and earn by. Upon receipt of the  course fee,  you will receive Lesson 1. Then, every third day following each lesson, you will be emailed Lessons 2 through 7.  Each student has the option of requesting a 30-minute complimentary, phone consultation (a $75.00 value) with me upon completion of the course.

Who is Fran Briggs?
I am a professional writer (I get paid), the author of seven books, and over 700 published articles.  I am also the owner of The Fran Briggs Companies, a dynamic personal development organization which helps individuals and groups take their human potential beyond the max. I am a "recognized authority" for literally thousands of publications. My work has been featured along with Jack Canfield's, Oprah's, President Jimmy Carter's, Brian Tracy's, Denis Waitley's, Tony Robbins, Marianne Williamson's and others. To date, I have been published in over 47,000 magazines, ezines, blogs, newsletters, and newspapers in less than two years. As a success coach, private investigator, and educator, I am frequently quoted and have been interviewed on radio as well as hundreds of publications.

The purpose of this course is to give you the information you need to begin promoting, selling, and distributing your own writing. I'll teach you powerful, proven ideas that you can immediately put to use to do just that. In short, I will show you how to get paid for writing.  And, I won't put a bing in your budget.

Be a Paid Writer teaches you the same marketing strategies that I've used over the last two years (since 2004) to successfully promote my writing and operate a very lucrative business on my own terms. I have generated as much as $17,500 in one month from writing. Sound hard to believe? Well, it's true.  I will show you exactly how I did this.  Now, I don't say this to brag or boast. I say this to let you know that you could earn at least that much, as well. I know the techniques and strategies for being a successful, and very-well paid writer and I want to teach them to you.

What you should know is that to be successful promoting and distributing your writing, you must be willing to work smart and hard. Like e
verything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it. I operate part time out of my home in lieu of spending 40-80 hours a week working for someone else and earning a tenth as much. I have no boss; and only a 22-yard commute.  My neighbors playfully tease me. They tell me I have "Banker's hours." That's because I decide how my days will be spent. Some days Iíll write for a few hours and then spend the rest engaging in leisure. I'm not embellishing when I tell you that income from writing can exceed $100,000 a year. I generate 75 to over 180 sales leads a month by submitting articles online. Editors consistently contact me and offer to pay for my articles. In this course, I will show you exactly how it's done.

Knowledge: Pure and Simple. The biggest problem writers face in their plight to generate income is knowing where to start. What if you had an experienced guide to lead you to your destination?   In the Be a Paid Writer e-Course, I'll give you powerful, practical, information including the most lucrative markets for submitting your work.  You'll also receive the latest industry tips, insider's secrets, and a complimentary phone consultation if you choose. From the very first lesson you will be jazzed by all the opportunities.  Being a paid writer will give you an increase in choices, rewards, and freedom.  You decide what you're going to do; who you're going to do it with, and when and where you're going to do it. If this sounds like something you're interested in, then sign up for this e-Course while it's still being offered. 

What This e-Course is NOT

Be a Paid Writer is not a writing course.

Itís a course for successfully marketing and promoting your writing.

Be a Paid Writer is NOT filled with ads for other products and services. It is content-filled and resource-rich. It's all substance and contains no hot air.

It's NOT facilitated by someone trying to make a dollar of your hopes and dreams. I'm a professional who aspires to help other writers achieve the same success I have.

It's NOT overpriced. If anything, it's undervalued. No worries! You see, it is my desire to keep the course affordable for everyone.  As a matter of fact, you'll be hard-pressed to find an e-Course of this caliber that sells for less.

Be a Paid Writer is NOT written by someone with lots of "theory," but no experience. I live this e-Course every day. Every idea, suggestion, and strategy comes from real, professional experience.


Full-time, Professional Writer Status on a Very Part-time Basis
The beauty of being a paid writer is that you can work less than 20 hours a week if you like. I write less than 8 hours a week. Yet, my life has never been more fulfilling. Thousands of people could be reading your work every day. This is my experience and it can be yours, too. This translates into sales! I'll show you exactly how to promote, sell, and distribute your writing for profit. Including 5 simple words I used this year to double my income!


So You Want to Be a Paid Writer ... Then You'll Love This Math!

Discover how to attract hundreds of publishers in one day and sell 14 - 20 articles in 2 weeks, for $250.00 each or even more. You can if you posses the drive and determination to do so. Imagine all the contracts you'll get when you become an established writer. As a direct result of my writing, I've gained international distribution, publishing agreements, and a commission from the Federal Government. On a daily basis -- yes, daily -- I am contacted by independent editors, journalists, publishers, and entrepreneurs who want to pay me for my services. I have clients all over the world!

Visualize how great you will feel when you effortlessly develop your client base. The impact your writing skills can have on people can be absolutely phenomenal.

Not ready to order? Then maybe I should tell you that the content in the course is valued at more than $2,000. It can help you make tens or even hundreds of thousands over your lifetime. But you won't even pay a tenth of that. For just a one-time payment of $79.00, you can reserve your seat today. Knowing how to get paid 40 times for the same article is worth tens of thousands of dollars alone.



Who Is This Course For?
Let me tell you something. You don't need to write a best seller to have a  successful  writing career.  If  you  want to start to get paid for your writing and  gain massive exposure,  this  course  is for you.  And, if you just  want  the  tools  and  techniques  for  getting  published  and  not necessarily  to  just  generate  income,  this course can  help you reach that goal as well.

And, the wonderful thing is that it doesn't  matter if you are  an aspiring writer, or experienced veteran who is  already published, you will benefit from this course.


Unprecedented Value
For just a one time payment of $79.00, you'll have all the information you need to promote your writing. No more wasted time and energy! No more guessing games! I'll give you doable plans and a litany of invaluable resources for becoming a well-paid writer.

A Quick Synopsis
Among many other concepts, my e-course will show you...

  How to begin when you have no money

  How to get published in 3 days or less

  Pitch letters that paid off!

  How to get paid 40 times or more for writing just one article

  5 things to do right now to elevate your career

  The 5 simple words I used to double my income

  How to get paid for writing about your travels

  Precisely what publishers and editors are looking for

Dear Fran,

I hope all is going well for you! I am so excited. I just wanted to thank you for showing me how to get paid for my writing. I accepted two, well-commissioned, jobs. One for a copywriter position where I am contracted to write a 500 - 1,000 word contribution each month. Another as an investigative reporter. I am also doing editorials for smaller publications. All of these positions were obtained from the information you sent me. In November I earned a little over $5,300. I know this is only the beginning. I owe a large part of my success to you!

Thank you,
Shelly M.

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All the information you provide during the online order process is completely confidential. I will not share your information with anyone.

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The information you provide during the online ordering process is protected by an SSL secured server. Your credit card information is encrypted. This means I cannot see it.

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"Two Exceptional Authors"

I literally have thousands of new articles sifting through my fingers weekly and it takes a lot to impress me.

Two authors that I really enjoyed reading this morning:

Fran Briggs - Excellent article, as always! (I blogged about ya today).

Michael Losier - Because he has an excellent and brief way of explaining the simple laws of attraction.

Of the 4,328 new articles that were added in the last 21 days of March, these two were exceptional for me. Fran because I love her positive attitude and Michael because I really enjoy his topic.

Christopher M. Knight
Web Site Manager,  


You've been handpicked as one of our best authors (who) provide premium content for webmasters and newsletter editors.

Thank you for contributing to the quality of Idea Marketers.

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If you have any questions about this e-Course or ordering, please email me at  and just ask.

Course Syllabus


  How to use this Course effectively, getting started, email and websites, setting up shop

  Articles - How to Write Them and Where to Send It, When You Get Paid

  Proven Strategies For Selling Your Writing

  How to Build a Powerful, Effective,
& Money-making Mailing List

  Tools for the Trade ∑

  10 Things to Do Right Now to Improve Your Sales!

  The Best Places to Promote, Sell and Distribute Your Writing

  How to successfully promote your writing, The #1 place to promote, sell and distribute your writing

  Time Wasters, Money Pits, and Dead Ends ... Oh No!

  Marketing strategies that fall flat

  How to Use Free Advertising to Generate Cash!

  Online Resources for the Independent Writer

  General Resources for Writers ∑ Products and Services for Writers

  Offline Resources for the Paid Writer

What are you waiting for? It's your turn to learn and earn. Registration is open, online, and ongoing. Don't delay; order today and I'll see you in class!

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