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Wil Cason - On The Move!
~ Fran Briggs


An internationally-recognized speaker from the personal and professional development industries, Wil Cason teaches his clients and audiences that by simply changing the way they see things, they can produce the results which they desire. Cason is the author of numerous articles, and the recently released book, "Visualizing Your Victory." He is also a publisher, radio host, youth mentor, entrepreneur, consultant, husband, and father of three. An alumni representative of San Jose State University's Graduate School, Wil has consulted for the University's President's office. Earlier this year, he was selected to serve as the Master of Ceremonies of an event which honored Olympians Tommie Smith and John Carlos.

Currently, Wil is promoting his book and speaking on a platform, themed: "Visualizing Your Victory." As part of the OnTheMove! Interview series, eMediaCampaigns! spoke with Wil about his new book, his projects, speaking engagements, and his own visualized victory.

Wil Cason earned a B.A.; in Sociology, and his Masters in Counselor Education, in 1997 from San Jose State (CA, USA).

EMC!: Hi Wil. Thank you so much for meeting with us today.

WC: Thank you, for this great opportunity to meet with you.

EMC!: You are welcome. Could you share with us a little more about your background?

WC: I have a heart and love for helping people reach for their personal best. I believe that we all have something special and unique; a rare gift. As early as I can remember, I've had a passion for encouraging people. I have worked in both the private and public sectors. My career path has included working in group homes, to Program Coordinator for fortune 500 companies.

Throughout my academic career, I experienced many challenges, including repeating a grade, attending summer school frequently, and being academically disqualified from the university in my second year of college. These were times of adversity; however, I continued to have a great attitude and worked harder. I overcame challenges, completed an undergraduate degree, and worked as a youth counselor for a few years before entering graduate school. During my graduate studies years, Dr. Andrew Hughey offered me an adjunct professor position to assist with designing a counseling course. My graduate studies provided me with a critical foundation both personally and professional.

EMC!: So, you went from repeating a grade in grade school, and being academically disqualified as a Sophomore in college, to being offered a position as Adjunct Professor at your alma mater?

WC: Yes. After applying for graduate school three times--all three times I was denied--I met with Graduate Advisor, Andrew Hughey Ph.D. We talked about my background and what I had to offer in the program and he shared with me how I could benefit from the grad program. He said, "Wil, there is something special about you and I want to help you." He encouraged me to reapply. He said, "There are a few other students in your same situation. Can you please give them a call and speak with them and encourage them to reapply? They are a little frustrated right now."

The first person I talked to said: "I'm not going to go through this whole process again; they already rejected me."

The second person said: "I'm tired; I'm not doing it again."

The third person said: "Yes, I will give it another try."

EMC!: Is it accurate to say that both you, and the third individual you counseled about reconsidering Graduate school, reapplied?

WC: Yes. I reapplied and received "conductional acceptance." Meaning, I had to take two upper division courses. I had to make a "B" in each class in order to get into the graduate program. I put my mind to it, as my mother would always tell me, and I made an "A" in each class. I started the graduate program in the fall of that year.

EMC!: Wil, that is an incredible story which exudes the undeniable correlation between persistence and success. Can you describe the personal transformation that took place after you visualized your own victory?

WC: The transformation for me was to keep the faith – believe that all things would workout in my favor. (Two), find people that were willing to help me, ask for help, and then work hard. (And, three), put in the effort and commit myself. I served three years working for the university. As a result of my college experience and knowledge, potential students call and ask me for advice and from time to time. I'm (also) asked to consult on student development projects/grant contracts.

EMC!: And, when did you first see yourself as the dynamic speaker that you are today?

WC: During my graduate studies in 1995 – 1997, I began to see myself as a speaker. Graduate school allowed me to explore who I was and what skills and gifts I wanted to share with others.

EMC!: Your debut book, Visualizing Your Victory, has received international praise. What prompted you to write it?

WC: I'm thankful that my book VYV is having a major impact in life of people worldwide. I know it’s through God’s favor that I'm given the opportunity to travel and share with my audiences, key strategies, methods, and action steps to move individuals forward to reaching the results they desire and deserve. The gift of speaking and writing is a calling for me to share my experiences and talents with others through writing motivational and inspirational books and articles.

I was prompted to write after reviewing my professional career. I evaluated the path I had traveled: a student-leader, athlete, community organizer, youth specialist, working with families, and designing training programs for fortune 500 companies. I also reflected on a common theme I heard and still hear today from individuals, “What do I really want to achieve?” or “What am I becoming?” My book, VYV provides a framework to help individuals, families, and organizations answer the necessary question for achieving results in any area of life. My purpose for writing and speaking is to provide action steps for people to apply to their life, family, or career. A frequent question I ask people is “What is your vision?”

EMC: How did you select the mentors who have been instrumental in helping you clarify your own vision?

WC: I look for individuals who know their purpose and are willing to share their gift to help me to develop in area of my life. Some of these individuals include Pastor Horacio Jones, Family Bible Fellowship, Newark, CA, Les Brown, and John Di Lemme.

EMC!: Tell us about some of the projects you are working on now?

WC: I am speaking in London in October at an entrepreneurial conference, and launching my Success Edge products, internationally. Weekly, I speak with Vision Builders nationwide, sharing key strategies and innovative approaches. I help them enhance various areas of their life.

As a member of the Divine Literacy tour, I will tour 15 cities beginning September 23, 2005 speaking and promoting Visualizing Your Victory. And, I am planning a national youth tour for 2006, with local promoters.

In my Personal Growth and Development weekend empowerment seminar, I will walk individuals through the process of seeing, speaking, and seeking after their vision. This workshop will enhance the quality of a person’s life. Without vision, the people perish. Helen Keller said: "The most pathetic person in the world, is a person with sight and no vision. I design these seminars to help individuals clearly define their vision, remove vision blocks and embrace the life they truly want. I encourage people to take action now. We are also exploring having a VYV inspirational television program.

EMC!: You are the CEO of Positive Steps Consulting. Is it accurate to say that a large part of your work is dedicated to our youth?

WC: Yes. Youth are our future, and they are our gifts today. I speak with youth development agencies, churches, juvenile justice, and social service groups to increase their levels of hope. My purpose is to be a positive role model, share my challenges (academic failure, peer pressure, lack of faith and commitment) and show where I am today, performing like a champion. Positive Steps Consulting is launching an eight part series, You are a Winning Family. For more information, go to

EMC!: You're also a Community Crime Consultant for the city of Oakland, CA. Would you describe your role for us?

WC: As a consultant for Community Crime Prevention Associates (CCPA), in Alameda, CA, my main scope of work includes: providing motivational presentations to after school educational and enrichment programs in Oakland, CA and working with Bay Area community groups on violence prevention programs. In addition, I evaluate after school programs and provide professional development training. We are helping the City of Oakland develop evaluation systems to practice continuous improvement for youth enrichment and educational programs. Ultimately, we want to build effective and efficient services for families and youth.

EMC!: Well, thank you Wil. I certainly enjoyed our time together today.

WC: Thank you, for providing me this opportunity to share. It was an honor to meet with you today. I am thankful that people really cared about me, when I was growing up, in Lakeland, Florida. They invested in my life. My full desire is to reciprocate those blessings by helping others reach their full potential and connect to their vision.

eMediaCampaigns! Interviewed Wil Cason in September, 2005. He can be contacted at Further information can be obtained at his website: and by calling: 1.866.365.7373

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