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A Partnership With God
Fran Briggs

Hey, God is trying to partner with you!  He wants you, to invite Him, into your life. God says: “Draw nearer to me; and I will draw nearer to you (James 4:8).”  However, you’ve chosen to operate as a “soul proprietor.”  God is willing to take all your worries, all your cares and all your problems.  In return, He is offering eternal life, a perfect peace, unconditional love and riches in your house.  The contract further stipulates that God will always protect and take care of you.  It is agreed that the Power belongs to God (Psalms 62:11), but is yours for the asking.  God hereby designates that He will provide all your needs and give you joy, unspeakable.

 I really don’t think it gets any better than this.  I mean, who really succeeds in anything alone?  Many of us often wonder: “Why can’t I get ahead?”  Is it possible that we can’t “get ahead” because we keep leaving God, behind? When we partner with God, we trust, whole-heartedly that He can – and will take care of us.  We live our lives knowing that God has everything in control.  Whereas, when we choose to operate as a “soul proprietor,” we tell God that we are in control and that He is not invited to be a part of our lives.  This illustrates a lack of trust and a lack of knowing.  How can we ever be successful under these conditions?

Give God a partnership in your life today and He will immediately give you the keys to His Kingdom.

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