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Sometime in Between Nine, and Now
~ By Fran Briggs

Remember when you were really young? It was an era of inconsequential innocence, and very little experience. Still, even at this age, your imagination was larger than large. Seemingly effortlessly, you concocted boldacious thoughts and dreams. You could pretty much imagine and then do anything you set out to do.


It was a time when you had big ideas, and even bigger expectations. As a youth, you had your psyche naturally tuned into having, doing, and being more every single day. However, sometime -- between the ages of nine and now -- your ambitions became ambivalent; your dreams, blurry and unfocused. It wasn't long before you lost sight of your most deepest desires.

What happened?

Quite possibly, you allowed people, thoughts, and things to distract you just enough to obscure your inner vision. Today, neglected and rejected, are the desires of your heart, and the goals you willfully let depart.

Tell me, what ever happened to that hot, shiny, new, sports car you promised yourself you'd own someday? What about that ideal career?


They were supposed to help you realize that quality of life you talked so much about. Let me tell you something. Just because your dreams are out of plain view, does not mean that they are not within you.

Wouldn't you like to see them again?

You have the ability to create and connect with all of your desires. What are you waiting for? Dump all of your disempowering thoughts and beliefs. It's time to clear things up on the inside. Only then will you manifest what you truly desire ... on the outside.

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