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The Radically New, You!
~ By Fran Briggs

Want to reinvent yourself? Here's your chance to make the distinction between who you were, and who you are. With an eye on giving her clients and individuals everywhere a competitive edge, Arizona Success Coach, Fran Briggs offered these practical strategies for creating a radically, new "you."

Do look now. There is awesomeness revolving around you. Wouldn't you like to capture and own it? If you did, you'd be a radically new, you! A radically, new you means that you chosen to replace boldacious for balking; dreaming for doing, and brimming for becoming. Picture yourself being with unlimited potential, vibrant energy and an abundance of creativity.

If you can, this may be the most valuable snapshot you've ever taken. Your belief in self; your energy level; and an uncompromising resolve to re-create, all coalesce into a radically, new you. A "you" who chooses "leaps" over "bounds." A "you" who embraces the "ups" and releases the "downs."

You are never too old, to become radically new. Each day, buildings which have been around for decades are remodeled to meet new regulations and reach new standards. Isn't your life more valuable than a dwelling?

I thought so.

So where do you start? Begin with creating the radically new you picture of you. Next, get all the knowledge and tools that are needed for your "reconstruction" then go to work!


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