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My name is Dolores "DeeJazz" Jackson. I am a singer/songwriter/producer. My debut album, titled, A Musical Messenger, is a compilation of inspirational messages with jazz, soul and spirited music. The CD has received favorable reviews from hundreds including Producer/Director, Michael L. Jones and Dr. Maya Angelou.

People often approach me after performances proclaiming they have been deeply moved or helped in some way. I've been told that my songs have been instrumental (pun intended) in relationship problems, during drug and alcohol recovery as well as with money and health issues. My music has been described as therapeutic, uplifting and timeless. I am deeply honored by these comments and give credit where it is due, to the Most High.

“DeeJazz’s music and life reflect the triumph of that part of the human spirit that intuitively  knows the right responses to life.  The energy she expresses from that truth has a very real motivational affect on others.” 
- Barry L. Vennard, Minister  
(Former minister of the Unity Church of the Triangle, Raleigh, NC

One of the most powerful things I discovered about myself after completing this CD was that I had something worthwhile to offer.  You see, for a long time I felt like a failure. After a failed marriage, I struggled financially as a single parent of two small children and had no direction for my future. I also suffered for nearly thirty years with an agonizing condition called social anxiety. Completing this project taught me that I could accomplish what I put my mind to as long as I didn't let anything or anyone stop me. It is my desire to show others that they can do the same.  I have chosen to utilize "The Musical Messenger Tour" as a vehicle. 

"The Musical Messenger Tour" is a first-of-its-kind, cooperative venture.  It's also a wonderful team-building opportunity. 10% of your donation will be given to the Social Phobia & Social Anxiety Association SP/SAA. Social anxiety is the third largest psychological problem in the United States today. This type of anxiety affects 15 million Americans in any given year and most of them have no idea what it is. We can help educate others on this painful condition and facilitate ways to heal it.

The organization of "The Musical Messenger Tour" is a 15-month project; from January, 2006 through March 2007. The first eight months will consist of full time organizing, networking, and promoting the project. The following seven will include auditions, rehearsals, and then the live performances with commissioned, professional, background singers, dancers, musicians and technicians. The tour itself will kick off in Raleigh, North Carolina on April 1st, and will include stops in Norfolk, Detroit, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

As you can imagine, the cost for production of the tour is quite expensive. That is why I am asking for your support today. Your generous donation to "The Musical Messenger Tour" will help me secure the money necessary to compensate a 25 member ensemble and meet daily operation expenses during this 15 month project.

The tour will be supported by this web site www.themusicalmessengertour.com, which will function as medium for updates and information.

Each stop on the tour will consist of three main components:

The Musical Messenger Tour Performance
The "Wake-shop"
Media events/Public Relations

The “Wake-shop”™ is a three-hour presentation facilitated by my sister, Hattie Pembrook and myself. It is held the following day after each performance. Participants are invited to awaken and explore their Divine identity. We are spiritual beings and until we wake up to this fact, we will remain asleep and will not experience our true reality, which is Love.

Networks to be utilized during this tour:
State-of-the-art technology -- audio and visual
Event promoters and organizations
Community television, radio and alternative mediums
Basic components of The Musical Messenger Tour:
Personnel. (Professional Ensemble: musicians, dancers, background singers, stage managers, technicians, promoter and tour staff)
One, 35-foot charter bus
Industry standard, sound-systems
Slide projector and screens
Building fees
Legal Fees
Travel Expenses

As further details become available, I will post them here at this website. Visit often and be sure to tell your friends.

Your donation to "The Musical Messenger Tour" is extremely important in empowering and enlightening individuals everywhere. Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is the most efficient way to make a contribution to my fundraising efforts. Your generous donation today will contribute to meeting the expenses of transportation, and general operating expenses for the 15-month project and will also benefit the non-profit, Social Phobia & Social Anxiety Association.

Won't you donate now? You can do this by using my secure, PayPal account. A receipt acknowledging your contribution will be immediately generated and sent to you via email.


I want to do something special to show my appreciation. All donations $40.00 or more will receive a complimentary and autographed copy of my CD, "A Musical Messenger."

Donors should indicate whether they prefer to donate as either an Anonymous Contributor, or Publicized Contributor. Publicized Contributors will have their names and respective states published on this website. The amount of their contribution will also be posted. Anonymous Contributors may simply state that they request that their name not be published. Please indicate your preference in the Paypal "Comments Section."

Or, if you would prefer, you may mail your contribution to:
Dolores "DeeJazz" Jackson
P.O. Box 20924
Raleigh, NC  27619

Thank you very much for your support. Please, feel free to forward this to anyone you think may want to contribute as well! Your gift really means a lot to the Musical Messenger Tour and to the spiritual awakening of people everywhere. 


Dolores "DeeJazz" Jackson
eMail:  deejazz111@yahoo.com 
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"Jordan's Auntie" AZ 12/20/05 $50.00 "Believing nothing but God's absolute best for you, and your entire entourage!"
James Briggs   12/29/05 $13.20 "Great music! Have a great tour and keep God real."
Dawn Fields   12/29/05 $27.50 http://www.dawnfields.com  
Francis J-B Ndzingoula AZ 12/30/05 $11.00 "This is special for you. I hope you have the best tour in the world!  I really like your songs and I wanted to say hello."
Anonymous   01/30/05 $29.00 Have a fabulous tour!


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