A Musical Messenger
14 Tracks, Including:

  A Living Example
Healing With Love
  Who Am I...
  Holy Light
  Waves of My Life


At the invitation of Dr. Maya Angelou, DeeJazz sang one of her original compositions at Ashford & Simpsonís Sugar Bar in New York City.  Dr. Angelou gave praise saying her performance was ďunique and impressive.Ē

Lila Lipscomb, the grieving mother featured in Michael Mooreís documentary Fahrenheit 911 adopted DeeJazzís song ďA Living ExampleĒ as the theme for her life after her son was killed in Iraq.

"I encourage anyone that loves real music to purchase this C.D. I am confident that you will be uplifted.  Musically, everything is there. Whether you're into up-tempo, ballads, introspection, inspirational, motivational, jazz, vocals, or instrumental. 'A Musical Messenger' has it all!"
- Michael L. Jones
Producer/Director Eye-On-U Productions, North Hollywood, CA.

ďDeeJazzís music and life reflect the triumph of that part of the human spirit that intuitively  knows the right responses to life.  The energy she expresses from that truth has a very real motivational affect on others.Ē
- Barry L. Vennard, Minister
(Former minister of the Unity Church of the Triangle, Raleigh, NC )

ďDeeJazz is magnificent and has a voice which resonates like no other. The powerful, message-filled, inspirational lyrics and music are a gift to this world. Truly, DeeJazz is heaven sent.  To God be all the glory!"
- Fran Briggs
Author, Peak Performance Coach


DeeJazz's sister Hattie Mae Jackson Pembrook, author and motivational speaker, has written the companion text to the CD. Her book is titled "Messages to Awaken yourSelf."  Together they travel nationwide doing "Wake-shops"ô Click here to order the companion text, read more information or request DeeJazz and Hattie Mae in your area.

Queen of New Thought Music

ô, (Dolores J. Jackson), born in Detroit, Michigan during the glorious Motown era, began writing music at a very young age.  With little formal training she plays the piano and composes all of her songs by ear.  Now she blends Jazz, Soul and Spirited music with inspirational lyrics to create what she calls, "Inspirational Jazz." It's a sound so unique and electrifying, it's guaranteed to uplift your heart and soothe your soul.

Powerful musical messages come as solutions to the challenges DeeJazz has faced throughout her life.
Formerly a divorced mother of two, she struggled financially while enduring familial criticism of her singing voice and musical gifts. In addition, she suffered for many agonizing years with social anxiety. Today, DeeJazz is herald as "A Living Example" of a conquering Spirit.

Often, she is awakened in the stillness of the night by the melodies and lyrics singing in her mind. She must quickly record the musical messages before they disappear as swiftly as they came.

Ultimately, DeeJazz has surrendered her life to Spirit. She identifies with her innate Divinity: fulfilling her life's purpose of healing hearts and souls through her music ministry. More than one fan has remarked, "You can tell she has lived these songs ... and it touches you." In 2003 she composed and produced her internationally acclaimed inspirational CD, "A Musical Messenger." That same year her sister, Hattie Mae Jackson-Pembrook wrote the insightful and uplifting companion text to the CD entitled, "Messages to Awaken yourSelf."

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A Musical Messenger

1. A Living Example
2. Higher Ground
3. Healing With Love
4. Your Divineness
5. Spirit of God, Inc.
6. Who Am I...
7. Go Inside
8. Just Passing Thru
9. Darkest B4 the Dawn
10. Holy Light
11. This Gift of Mine
12. Waves of My Life
13. Learn the Lesson
14. Galaxy Groove
All songs © 2000 Dolores Jackson

A Living Example

It is not what I say, but what I do
That creates solution
I could have the greatest answer
To world confusion

But what do I say?
I know the way?
You may listen with an open ear
But if Iím not a living example
You may never hear

So if you feel the need to rescue the world
It wonít work by word of mouth only
Youíve got to be a living
Got to be a living example
Any other way and we truly wonít see

A living example
For you and me
A living example
Thatís what I have to be

You know a person can preach
And tell others how to live
But if sheís not peaceful herself
Tell me how can she give?
So what do I do?
Try to change you?
You may follow with an open mind
But if Iím not a living example
I am wasting time



Letís wake up the dawn is here
Choose whom you will serve, love or fear
Nothing can destroy your Divinity
A child of God is who you are
Stand up and be ...


 Higher Ground

It wasnít very long ago
I had the blues donít you know
Then I asked my Spirit Supreme
So many questions
That I saw thing Iíd never seen

I had so much to learn
To know the truth was my concern
When I took time everyday
To make the connection
I saw a better way

NowÖ Iím walkiní on higher ground
I am Spirit
Today I turned my life around
Iím walkiní on
Iím walkiní on higher ground
I was lost but now Iím found

Iíd never been taught the way
To build my future piece by piece each day
Iím learning step by step how to
Get what I need and do what I have to do
Now I see the steps are up to me
I canít sit back waiting patiently, no, no
From way up high thereís such a view
No, no, no, no mistakes repeated
Because I am brand new


I had forgotten who I was
Until I laid illusions down
Now I see from high above
I was lost but now Iím found

Healing With Love

Love is such a natural thing
Love, it makes the bluebird sing
And take wings and fly
Way up in the sky

If youíre all alone and feeliní blue
There is somethiní that you can do

Everyday make a way to create
A healing with love
Find a spot in your heart
You can start healing with love

Love can be the funniest thing
Love, a big bright smile it can bring
Or you might laugh until you cry
With tears of joy in your eyes

Times may be rough and pleasures few
Donít give up, hereís what to do


Take the time, you will find
Peace of mind
When youíre healing with love
Trust Thee, you will see
You will be
Healing with love

Time keeps tick, tick, tick tickiní away
Tomorrow quickly becomes today
Whatís gonna make, make the change
Open our hearts create, create, create

Take a little time, open up your mind
And we can start healing with love
Hereís where to start, open up your heart
And we can start healing with love

Your Divineness

Lost in the wilderness
Of unhappiness
Looking for a way
To make a brighter day

I was deep
Too deep to look up
And see the light of love
Thatís always been right inside of me
But I was too blind to see
The real me

You are more than woman
You are more than man
We are more than human
Do you understand?

Thereís a power thatís inside of you
It will bring you happiness
Will you come to terms with
Your Divineness?

Oh, why not heal the pain?
There is so much to gain
And only fear to lose
Itís up to you to choose

Why donít you look?
Look inside your heart
Thatís the place to start
To turn your life around
Inside is holy ground
Was lost but now Iím found


You know
We are entering the Age of Aquarius
And weíre all rising
To a higher consciousness
Are you ready?
Are you ready to rise to your Divineness?

Do you know what Iím saying?
Do you know who you are?
When will you realize?
Youíre a shining star

Spirit of God, Inc.

Most of us work for our boss
5 days a week
8 hours a day
But thatís not who we really work for
Let me explainÖ

I spend most of my day
Doing what other people say
They donít know in my heart that I pray
That Iím doing it Gods way (repeat)

My job is more than shuffling papers
Itís about loving my Creator
Myself, and my neighbor
Itís for love that I labor (repeat)

I work for
Spirit of God, Incorporated
(repeat 3 times)

Sometimes I worry about my bills
Knowing that this job wonít fulfill
All my debts, but God surely will
Because abundance is real (repeat)

I know if I truly believe
That when I give I will surely receive
All I want and more than I need
Because I planted a seed (repeat)


I do proclaim today
If I should lose my way
I will come back to stay
Filled with love, that is my pay


Who Am IÖ

Something is missing
I know itís a part of me
Because inside
Iím crying

Who am IÖ
Who am IÖ
Who am
I know thereís more to me
More than I have dared to imagine
More than I have dared to believe

I have a career
Education, cash flow
But Iím playiní a part
Just a role in a masquerade show


Sometimes I look good
Sometimes Iím a wreck
But I must be more
Than the image that the mirror reflects


Sometimes I feel joy
Sometimes thereís joy no more
But I must be more
Than an emotional rollercoaster


I dedicate my life to be
Who I am meant to be
In the eyes of Thee
I know there is more to me

Who am IÖ (repeat)

Go Inside

Go inside
Thatís where youíll find
Whatís missing in your life
Youíll find inside

A place where truth is flowing
Like a river
Your spirit soaring high
Love is everlasting
Without ever passing you by
My my, myÖ
It only takes an instant
And you will be there
Just simply close your eyes
Be trusting like an infant
And soon youíll realize, youíll realize

Youíre inside
And itís magical
Because you find
That youíre a Queen or a King
You can create anything
Anything your heart desires

Go inside
Thatís where youíll find
Whatís missing in your life
You will find inside

We have come here for a reason
And maybe itís to find
That magic power
Itís right there in your mind
And itís so easy to find, go inside

If you can imagine it
You can have it
Oh what a power Divine
You have been given
A dream to live in
It starts right there in your mindís eye

Soon your life is growing
By leaps and bounds
Youíll start noticing signs
That everything you thought of
Will soon be brought up
To the present timeÖGo inside

Just Passing Thru

A humming bird
A babbling brook
Do we really take the time to look?

Feel the breeze
Hear the wind
Will we ever come this way again?

Weíre just passing thru

Everyday seems like the past
Will happy moments ever last?
What will it take to live in the now?
I have to know some way, some how

Iím just passing thru

Will I make a difference in this life?
Will I stand for truth?
Or fall for lies?

Time does not wait for anyone
I have to do what must be done

Iím just passing thru

From this day on I make a vow
Forgive the past
Embrace the now

If not me
Then who will it be?
If not now
Then when will we see?

Weíre just passing thru

Darkest B4 The Dawn

There are times when things get dark
And you cannot see your way
Worries of your mind weigh heavy on your heart
Youíre blind to the light of day

You ask yourself time and time again
What can relieve the pain
There is an answer you can recall
Just remember to say

Its just the darkest b4 the dawn
Everythingís all right when it all seems wrong
Darkest b4 the dawn
Everythingís all right when it all seems wrong

Some things you just canít control
Theyíre simply out of your hands
Itís wise to know when you have to let go
Just hold on to your master plan

Its up to you if you lose or win
Depending on what you do
Make up your mind my friend
No one can do it for you


You wonder which way to turn
You wonder whoís really your friend
But you know on worldly things you must not depend
The only One who will not forsake you can only be found within


Holy Light

Where youíre feeliní blue
And your way seems dark
Remember its illusion
Simply an intrusion
Made by your thoughts

Change your mind
You will find another way to see
A way that will be
Full of joy and peace
Love and harmony

Holy Light is my Guide
In my soul, it makes me whole
Shining a love so bright
Holy light is my guide
Everyday I can see my way
Through a love so bright

Thereíll be times when you will think
Someone is hurting you
You can heal the pain
If you remember to blame no one
Including you

When I choose a responsible view
For the life Iím leading
I can find direction through the love connection
Right inside of me


Looking through judgmental eyes
It comes as no surprise
All I can see is fear and misery
Only with light can I see
The way that is right for me to go
The Holy Light will show, so

This Gift of Mine

You were born for a purpose
Donít you want to know why?
Following your dream
Is your destiny
You are meant to fly

Everyday is a blessing
A gift to us with love
But we must heed
The call to succeed
Thatís our gift to God

We can go the distance
With persistence
Withstand the test of time

Never lose your vision
Make a firm decision
I will not stop until I
Give this gift of mine

Keeping the faith can be tricky
We must keep our goal in mind
With your eye on the prize
You will realize
Youíre getting closer with time

But life is about the journey
Enjoying each step of the way
Through ups and through downs
Find a middle ground
Stand up tall and say

I can go Ö

Commitment action and delight
Will make your dreams will appear
Right there before your eyes
Crystal clear

Give your gift it is your right
Just spread your wings and soar
Youíll start reaching higher heights
And doing things youíve never done before

Waves of My Life
Iím on the path to fulfill my destiny
My dream is becoming reality
There are times when I feel like giving up
Just to find, things start looking up

The sea of life is filled with such mystery
Sometimes chaos, sometimes beauty
Waves get high, they also can get deep
Or rock me slow till Iím peacefully asleep

Iím riding the waves of my life
Feeling the tug of the mellow moon
Learning to flow with the storms and tides
Knowing the tide will turn for me soon
The waves of my life

Sometimes I feel like Iím drowning
Thoughts are blurred, and my dreams are cloudy
Other times I can surf till sunset
Fall in head first and never get wet

The key to peace is simply remembering
This too shall pass, endings are new beginnings
Rest assured times will get better
Remember that in the midst of stormy weather


Even though the waters are rough
And the skies are not clear
I will ride out the storm
Until my rainbow appears


Learn the Lesson

Everybody makes mistakes sometimes
But you donít need an enemy in your own mind
Youíve got to learn to be your own best friend
Pick yourself up
Dust yourself off
Start all over again

Youíve got to learn the lesson
And keep on steppiní
Learn the lesson
And keep on steppiní

What good does it do to beat yourself up?
What will you accomplish by being so rough?
Take some time and listen to your soul
I bet youíll find
The answer to
What you need to know


All the answers are right there inside (inside your mind)
I donít care how lost youíve been
I donít care how blind
No need to search outside for what is true
Seek and find Divine mind is right inside of you

Youíre living in a classroom you call life
You have to learn to add, subtract, divide and multiply
Just look your problem square in the eye
The truth is there
To set you free
You just realize

(Chorus)                                                          Copyright © 2005-2006 ~ DeeJazz  Dolores J. Jackson ~ All Rights Reserved