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Chinese Gooseberries and Oprah?
~ By Fran Briggs

Few individuals have neither understood, nor have even come close to emulating Oprah's success and ability to ingeniously -- but simply -- reinvent. Let's all learn from the expert.

Oprah -- and Harpo Productions -- have consistently reaped awe-inspiring progress and record-breaking profits for almost 25 years, now. While Oprah consistently soars with stellar growth, the rest of the industry seems to stumble, tumble or even disappear.

So, just what is it about Oprah that has her consistently attaining hilacious growth and still remain fresh and vivacious as ever? Perhaps only Oprah herself knows the answer. But, to borrow her "coin phrase," here's what I know for sure:

Oprah Winfrey has reinvented herself so smoothly, so successfully and with such precision, very few have consciously noticed. I'm sure Oprah is quite aware of the fact that "annuals" are by nature, dormant for seasons at a time. She innovatively capitalizes on this truth to remain a "perennial classic."

You Grow, Girl!

Oprah consistently manifests phenomenal growth professionally, intellectually, spiritually, financially and socially every "season" of her year. Whereas others, seem content to rely primarily on the harvest of their "falls." Oprah is not only acutely aware of her environment, but she plans (and plants) so well, so meticulously ... she evens reaps harvests during her "winters!"

What's Inside Really Never Changes!

Chinese gooseberries didn't sell well at all until they were renamed, Kiwi fruit. Seemingly overnight, this humble, quaint-looking, fuzzy fruit was "reinvented" into an exotic, all-of-a-sudden, much-desired, green intricacy. The "Queen of Personality" went from "The Oprah Winfrey Show," to "Oprah!" and now owns O! magazine. Her reinventions are powerful, yet short and simple. But her core and all that's inside, has never been compromised. The Key to Reinvention is Real Simple. Keep it short; but powerful!

Even Einstein kept it down to: E= mc2 (yet, he reinvented and rocked the science world).

Tend to Your Garden; But Don't Pull Up All the Roots!

Your life reflects a garden. Don't limit your possibilities to just planting, and replanting. Learn how to identify the sections which need to be up-rooted; the sections which need to be cultivated, and which sections which need to be left alone.

Now, while you're reading this, Oprah is hard at work cultivating her next "row." Isn't it time you got busy, too?

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