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Don't Just Read About It; Be About It!
~ By Fran Briggs

Far too many of us struggle through life despite more Bibles, personal development, and self-help books being read now, than during any other time in history.

Why is that?

Whatever it is that we are in search of, cannot be found among the pages of any book, but rather, deep inside ourselves. If after reading and reflecting upon an informative article, scripture or book, you find yourself still struggling through life or being content with happenstance ... it is for one reason, and one reason only.

You acquired the information, but failed to apply it to your situation.

Be About, What You Read About!

Hundreds of millions of books available today have content that is interesting - even captivating enough to keep your attention for weeks, months or even years. Consider all of the ways just one application of a powerful idea could totally transform your life. The fact is, you have thoroughly enjoyed an enlightening book or (twenty-) two. However, you are wasting your time if you just read about it. You've got to be about it! Integrate the amazing ideas and concepts you discovered while reading, into your life.

For example, if reading about specific strategies for running a prosperous home business is an exciting venue for you, take the next step and actually incorporate them into your life.

Master the amazing concept of living inside, out. Books are much more than random units of information and inspiration. They are invaluable resources which we can use to share with others, and prosper in every area of our lives.

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